Saturday, 4 October 2014

Pallet Racking Corner

Pallet furniture racking corner protectors, for those who need them, are an invaluable asset which helps reduce damage to both pallet racking columns and uprights. They're used at each run's end in order to provide rack protection at the pallet racking frame's base. This means that if you regularly use pallet racks and racking systems, you'll need the occasional pallet racking protector. Sharp edges and corners present additional safety issues.

Corner protectors made of industrial strength rubber, colored for high visibility, "cushion" impact to a degree. In fact, there is even pallet rack shock absorbing protectors. Most damage occurs within 48 inches of the floor. Forklift damage accounts for 90 percent of rack failure. A combination of footplates, rails attached to the floor, and end-of-aisle rack rails can significantly reduce the possibility of damage.

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