Tuesday, 30 October 2007

No one puts baby in the corner!

You've watched the film about a million times, bought the special edition DVD, danced for hours to the soundtrack, seen the musical and regularly drop "I carried a watermelon" into everyday conversation.Well why stop there? If you really want to celebrate Dirty Dancing's 20th anniversary in style make like Baby Houseman and take a trip to the real life Kellerman's at Mountain Lake Hotel in

Monday, 29 October 2007

Spring Break Advice

If you plan on traveling during the "spring break" time frame this spring I encourage you to book as soon as possible. The following is a poll of Carlson Wagonlit Travel Specialists from across the country:When should Spring Break travelers book vacations to lock in best value? 36% Right now! 55% They should have done so a month ago or earlier. 6% By end of November. 2% By end of December.

Travel Poll

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When it gets cold outside

Fall is here and winter is quickly approaching. According to Fox News it is supposed to snow tomorrow night. Although winter is one of my favorite seasons, it is this time of the year that always has me longing to take a vacation to somewhere warm. While living in Florida, I realized fall was a great time to head to a warmer climate because the killer heat of the summer was gone, along with many

Friday, 26 October 2007

World Responsible Tourism Day is coming up...more information on this to come....

World Responsible Tourism Day is coming up...more information on this to come....WTM World Responsible Tourism Day supported by the UNWTO on Wednesday 14th November 2007, is the first opportunity for travel and tourism to become one powerful and unifying force. A chance to make a real difference that will keep our beaches clean, preserve our stunning scenery, save wildlife and glory in our

Keep Your Home Safe While Out Of Town

Keep Your Home Safe While Out Of TownFargo, ND - According to the Fargo Police Department nearly 50 garage break-ins have occurred in the past month alone. With the holiday travel season right around the corner even more people will be away from home for extended periods of time, leaving homes and garages vulnerable. Travel Travel Carlson Wagonlit would like to encourage residents to keep their

Travel Scams are Everywhere

I have never been scammed and hate that people out there are ruining the travel industry by ripping people off. Here are some things to look for when booking your trip:How to Avoid Travel ScamsIf you have been offered a great bargain on a cruise or resort vacation, but you cannot seem to get all the details unless you pay the company first, you may be dealing with a travel scam.PAY NOW, TRAVEL

Healthy Travel Ensures a Great Time!

The holidays are quickly approaching (approximately 60 days until Christmas) and according to a recent survey of Carlson Wagonlit Travel agencies across the United States travel to all-inclusive resorts is the most popular type of journey that agencies are booking for the holidays—including Thanksgiving and Christmas through New Year’s. Having the whole family visit any destination was the second