Saturday, 27 September 2014

Selling a Timeshare is Hard

What family wouldn't jump at the chance?
Unfortunately, it is much harder to sell a Worldwide Resort Resales than you think. For starters, the timeshare resale market is bloated. Browse the timeshare listings. Sorry but the average timeshare resaler has thousands of listings.
Wal-mart can sell you a T-shirt cheaply, because they have a ton of T-shirts to sell. Now apply that to your timeshare. In the recessed economy, and rising maintenance fees, many more timeshare owners are deciding their timeshare isn't cost effective, than there are people with enough excess money and desire to afford luxury vacations.

There is a surplus of people trying to sell their timeshares.
Now, think about the developers who sold you the timeshare in the first place.

An Easy How-To Selling Your Timeshare
You need to be realistic when you set out to sell your timeshare under. The market is swimming in timeshare resellers, people just like you. It's not in the developer's best interests to have you sell your timeshare.

However, even bigger timeshares that allow some flexibility generally sell for 30%-50% less than their original price. If you are in a hurry you may resort to selling low. Let's see if there are ways to help you sell your timeshare.

Seller (and buyer) beware. The timeshare market is full of self-interested scam artists trying to make a quick buck. You might be desperate to sell but don't trust anyone who promises you a quick sale.

List with a Real Estate Company
Fees and commissions tend to be higher than they would if this was a "traditional" transaction.
Are you familiar with the timeshare laws. Have each office tell you exactly how they market your timeshare.

You could try auctioning your timeshare on Ebay. If you can't sell your timeshare right away, auctioning it off could be a good short term plan because you'll make some money on it.

Your time-share owners club may offer this as a service.

This is especially important if you are trying to sell your timeshare yourself. "Timeshare Adventures provides an advanced online timeshare advertising network that connects sellers with buyers by targeting audiences through Newspaper Advertisements, Search Engine Marketing, Television and Direct Mail marketing."

Resale Brokers
The website, Tug 2, gives great advice concerning resale brokers who specifically deal with reselling timeshares.

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